Grace Christian Dual Enrollment Registration

Application for Admission as a Dual Enrolled Student

Application for Admission as a Dual Enrolled Student

A Dual Enrolled student is a student who is currently in high school and wishes to take classes at Grace Christian University for high school and college credit. If a dual enrolled student wishes to enroll after high school to pursue a degree with Grace Christian University, a formal application must be completed and the student accepted as a degree seeking student.

Personal Information

Enter your United States Social Security Number (if one has been assigned). Providing a Social Security Number is voluntary, however, it will assist us in matching test scores and transcripts with your admission application and facilitate the administrative process if you are admitted. Financial support is required to provide a valid United States Social Security Number prior to receiving stipends. This information will be used only as a highly confidential, personal identifier for statutory reporting purposes. If you do not have a valid Social Security Number or do not wish to report it, please leave this field blank. Entering an invalid number will delay your application processing.

Contact Information

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Where do you plan to take your dual enrollment class?

Have you taken any previous college classes, Advanced Placement (AP), or CLEP tests? If yes, please list. *

Parental Information


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Statement of Financial Responsibilities: All arrangements for Dual Enrollment tuition payments must be finalized before classes begin. If you are taking classes through your high school, your school will provide you with the necessary documents. Payment plans are available for those taking classes on campus. Please contact the Grace Business Office to make arrangements. If payment is being made by the State of Michigan, proper documents of dual enrollment eligibility need to be on file prior to the start of class. If documents are not on file and payment cannot be received from the State, then the payment for the class(es) will be the responsibility of the student and the parent(s).

I understand and agree to these financial requirements. I also agree to allow my academic information to be shared with my high school administration (if appropriate) and my parents so long as I am attending
Grace Christian University as a Dual Enrollment student.